Our Custom Design/Build Estimating Division allows us to be proactive in the early stages of each project. This enables us to coordinate all aspects of the
installation and allows us to maintain a very high level of quality. The benefit the owner and construction team receives from our design engineers is an
active team member coordinating the electrical installation before any work begins.

Our Detailing Division is equipped with "AutoCad MEP" and has electronic file transfer capability. The division is staffed with full-time Detailers, all of whom
are former project foremen.  Here are examples of what we lay out for our projects:

Step One: Identify what can go underground and design an installation drawing that is colored coded for the different systems
with trench cuts to identify the installation method. This is done on the structural drawings to help avoid any conflicts.

Step Two: Lay out the electrical equipment for the project. This layout is done with the actual manufacturers’ dimensions to ensure
there are no conflicts with other equipment and that all required code clearances are adhered to.

Step Three: Look at the overhead installations on the project. When we install large feeder conduits, cable trays or bus ducts,
we coordinate with the other trades on the project to ensure our work can be installed as it was intended to be.


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